Credit Repair

Credit affects our lives in every way.  It can prevent us from securing employment, the purchase of a home, that apartment to rent, or even lower insurance costs.   We partner with Credit Repair Alert due to the results they achieve in less than 45 days.

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Financial Consulting

Our Financial Consultants think outside the box so that you can build a retirement portfolio that will allow you to retire and never run out of money.  We help you get up the "Retirement Mountain" during your accumulation years and then help you down the mountain in your golden years of retirement.  Let us help you with a plan to so that you can retire without the worry of running out of money.

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Do you have the old Life Insurance or the new Life Insurance?

Most people have the Life Insurance that pays if you die.  These new types of plans have what is called “Living Benefits” which will pay you up to 90% of your benefits if you suffer a Heart Attack, Cancer or Stroke.  These cost nothing extra to have, so see if you can save money by switching to a plan with Living Benefits.

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Our Mission

We strive to serve, educate, and assist our clients in achieving the most that they can with their financial goals.

The cornerstone of any solid financial plan starts with good credit.  Credit will determine the interest rates we pay to the bank, which in turn can affect how much money we can use and invest.

Not every client is a fit for our agency, but we always provide consultation at no cost to you so that we can see if we work well together.



Next Steps...

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